Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yes I am

Happiness. Yes I am. I'm happy when I'm with you beebiiboo! You always make me smile, laugh. I know, ur there had many problems and got other things to do. But you still spend a bit time for me. And I really really appreciate it darling. I can't explain how I feel to you. You so meant to me. I can't see me without you darling, please don't ever leave me. You too nice. I'm lucky to have you. Trust me. And, with ur attitude. I know, we can go on together forever. Forget the rumors. Past is past. We build a new life, keep our relationship as good as possible. I want you darling, only you! I love you so much! <3
sincere from me for : capital A. I love you darling. yes you!

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